Dr Dwayne Ryan Menezes

Director, Unit Lead - Geopolitics and Security

Christophe Milhères

Director, Unit Lead - Arts, Culture and Heritage

Kamil Jagodzinski

Senior Project Manager

Dr Brooks Kaiser

Unit Lead - Fisheries

Dr Julia Jabour

Unit Lead - Antarctic Law and Policy

Laura Hanning Scarborough

Unit Lead - Natural Environment

Robert Hammitt

Unit Lead - Maritime Environment

Thomas Bishop

Unit Lead - Built Environment

Mieke Coppes

Unit Lead - Indigenous Peoples

Greg Sharp

Unit Lead - Energy

Domagoj Baresic

Unit Lead - Shipping

Dr Andrew Chater

Expert - Arctic Governance and International Decision Making

Dr Patrick Maher

Expert - Tourism

Daniela Tommasini

Expert - Tourism

Barbora Padrtova

Expert - Geopolitics and Security

Berill Blair

Expert - Risk and Resilience

Dr Rozelle Kane

Expert - Health and Wellbeing

Caitlin Frankish

Associate - Natural Environment

David Lee Astley

Associate - Natural Environment

Larissa Beumer

Associate - Natural Environment

Andrew Yerkes

Associate - Fisheries

Lana Ollier

Associate - Geopolitics and Security

Richard Clifford

Associate - Geopolitics and Security

Tom Field

Associate - Geopolitics and Security

Vincent-Gregor Schulze

Associate - Regime-Building in the Arctic and Small States

Nic Craig

Associate - Energy

Nadia French

Associate - Russian Arctic

Funsho Parrott

Associate - Built Environment

Yuliya Zaika

Associate - Mining

Liz Bowman

Associate - Non-Arctic Actors

Sebastián Groux

Liaison Officer for Latin America

Polar Research and Policy Initiative