Prof Brooks Kaiser

Fellow and Unit Lead - Fisheries

Dr Dwayne Ryan Menezes

Founder and Managing Director

Dr Andrew Chater

Fellow - Arctic Governance and International Decision Making; Country Lead - Canada

Dr Karen Everett

Fellow - Borders, Trade and Investment in the Canadian North

Dr Nikolas Sellheim

Fellow - International Marine Mammal Law and Arctic Socio-Legal Studies

Thomas Bishop

Fellow and Unit Lead - Built Environment

Justin Barnes

Fellow - Canada

Nic Craig

Head of PRPI Denmark; Fellow - Energy and Climate Change

Peter Sherwin

Fellow - Built Environment

Dr Patrick Maher

Fellow and Unit Lead - Tourism

Lana Ollier

Fellow - Geopolitics and Security; Coordinator - Polar Matters Interview Series

Richard Clifford

Fellow - Geopolitics and Security; UK Parliament Representative

Erin Willahan


Liz Bowman

Fellow - Non-Arctic Actors

Mariel Kieval


Micheil Page


Max Daniels


Hriday Sarma

Fellow - India and the Polar Regions

Danielle Turkov Wilson

EU Representative

Dr Berill Blair

Contributor - Risk and Resilience

Dr Barbora Padrtova

Contributor - Geopolitics and Security

Domagoj Baresic

Contributor - Shipping

Nadia French

Contributor - Russian Arctic

Greg Sharp

Contributor - Energy

Mieke Coppes

Fellow and Unit Lead - Indigenous Peoples Unit

Caitlin Frankish

Contributor - Natural Environment

Larissa Beumer

Contributor - Natural Environment

Andrew Yerkes

Associate - Fisheries

Funsho Parrott

Contributor - Built Environment

Polar Research and Policy Initiative

Dr Sian Prior

Lead Adviser to the Clean Arctic Alliance

Liana James

International Policy Adviser for the Clean Air Task Force

Kenty Dubois

Fellow - DynaMundo

Henry Bartelet

Founder and Commercial Director - DynaMundo

David Roddick


Dr Mia Bennett

Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong

Isabel Stark

Fellow - Arctic Cultural Heritage

Chloe Scott

Fellow - Arctic Investment