Dr Alan Hemmings

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Canterbury

Dr Alan D. Hemmings is an Adjunct Professor in the Gateway Antarctica Centre for Antarctic Studies and Research at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. His research focusses on the geopolitics of the Antarctic and governance under the Antarctic Treaty System, including the roles of territoriality and nationalism. He wintered in Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey, and has also been south with the New Zealand and French Antarctic programmes; served on government Antarctic advisory committees in New Zealand and Australia; and attended meetings of the Antarctic Treaty System for 20 years. His publications include Antarctic Security in the Twenty-First Century (co-edited with Donald Rothwell and Karen Scott), Handbook on the Politics of Antarctica (co-edited with Klaus Dodds and Peder Roberts), International Polar Law (co-edited with Donald Rothwell) and Philosophies of Polar Law (co-edited with Dawid Bunikowski).