Richard Clifford

Fellow - Geopolitics and Security; UK Parliament Representative

Richard Clifford is a Fellow in the Geopolitics and Security Unit at Polar Research and Policy Initiative. He currently also works as a Public Affairs and Policy Executive with the trade organisation UKHospitality.
Richard has an MSc in Defence, Development and Diplomacy from Durham University and an undergraduate degree in History and International Relations from the London School of Economics. Following his studies, Richard’s career continued to focus on international affairs and international development. He worked in the UK Parliament as a Researcher with the All Party Parliamentary Group for Yemen. He led the APPG inquiry into UK Policy towards Yemen and was the lead author of the group’s report Yemen:The Continuing Crisis published in May 2018. Richard organised and wrote the policy pledges for the inaugural ‘International Parliamentary Conference for peace in Yemen’ held in the French National Assembly in November 2018. The six key pledges were subsequently adopted as Labour Party policy by the Shadow Foreign Secretary. 
Richard’s regional interests are Russian foreign policy and the UK ‘s relationship with the Arctic, in addition to all wider geopolitical and security issues in the Arctic.