Tero Vauraste

Chair of the Arctic Economic Council

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Mr Tero Vauraste is the Chair of the Arctic Economic Council, and the owner and Managing Director of Mariadi Ltd., an Arctic and maritime consultancy agency. From 2009 to 2018, he served as President and CEO of Arctia Ltd., a Finnish polar maritime services company in icebreaking, research and oil spill response operating 11 icebreakers in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic. He also chairs the Sub-Committee of Maritime Issues of the Finland China Innovation Committee.

He holds a MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management from Leicester University and a Naval Officer’s degree from the Finnish Naval Academy, being a Lieutenant-Commander (Ret). He has served as a vessel master, special unit commander and as a SAR instructor in the Finnish Coast Guard. He has broad experience in senior executive positions within the traffic and logistics service clusters including maritime, security and safety, aviation and car rental.

He is the Chairman of Finnish Arctic Society and a member of Advisory Board of Finnish Lifeboat Institution. He has various other positions of trust.