Prof Julia Jabour

Member of the Ocean & Antarctic Governance Research Program at IMAS, Australia

Latest Articles

Julia is a member of the Ocean & Antarctic Governance Research Program at IMAS. She has been researching, writing and lecturing on polar governance for more than 20 years. Most of her teaching and research is trans-disciplinary, involving examining current scientific and technical developments, determining their utility to the policy and law-making processes, and translating that information into user-friendly knowledge for uptake by non-specialist audiences.

Julia has visited Antarctica six times, and been an advisor to the Australian Government at Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings on a number of occasions.

Julia teaches into a variety of marine and Antarctic law and policy undergraduate and postgraduate units and has had teaching assignments in Iceland, Malaysia, Vietnam and New Zealand. She has strong links to the Arctic law community through hosting the 7th Polar Law Symposium in Hobart in 2014.

Julia’s most recent publications include journal articles:

  • Smith D, McGee J and Jabour J (2016) Marine Protected Areas: A Spark for Contestation over ‘Rational Use’ of Antarctic Marine Living Resources in the Southern Ocean? Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs
  • Aase JG and Jabour J (in press 2016) How can satellites support the information requirements of the polar code? The Yearbook of Polar Law VIII.
  • Jabour J, Lea MA, Goldsworthy S, Melcher G and Sykes K and Hindell M (2016) Marine Telemetry and the Conservation and Management of Risk to Seal Species in Canada and Australia, Ocean Development and International Law Special Edition 47:3 DOI 10.1080/00908320.2016.1194094
  • Hodgson-Johnston I, Jackson A, Jabour, J and Press AJ (2016) Cleaning up Antarctica: legal obligations and realities, Restoration Ecology DOI: 10.1111/rec.12382
  • Jabour J (2015) Why has there been a ‘long peace’ in Antarctica? The Yearbook of Polar Law VII:632–645
  • Aase JG and Jabour J (2015) Monitoring maritime activities in the European High Arctic by satellite-based AIS for enhanced polar search and rescue, The Polar Journal 5:2, 386–402
  • Grilly E, Reid K, Lenel S and Jabour J (2015) The Price of Fish: A Global Trade Analysis of Patagonian (Dissostichus eleginoides) and Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni). Marine Policy 60:186-196
  • Hislop C and Jabour J (2015) Quality Matters: High Seas MPAs, Ocean Yearbook 29: 166–191

and book chapters:

  • Jabour J (in press 2016) Up against the ice barrier: Antarctic tourism operators prepare for the polar code, in Jones A and Phillips M (eds) Coastal Tourism and Climate Change Vol 2, CABI
  • Jabour J (in press 2016) Search and Rescue in Antarctica, in Hemmings A, Roberts P and Dodds K (eds) Handbook on the Politics of Antarctica, Edward Elgar
  • Jabour J (in press 2016) Antarctic Economic Activities: Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction, Chapter 21 in Morgera E and Kulovesi K (eds) Research Handbook on International Law and Natural Resources, Edward Elgar
  • Jabour J (2016) The potential to regulate bioprospecting for marine genetic resources: two case studies, Chapter 19 in Warner, R and Kaye S (eds) Handbook of Maritime Regulation and Enforcement, Abingdon: Routledge, 324–341
  • Jabour J (2015) Antarctic Resources: Topical Issues, in Loukacheva N (ed) Polar Law and Resources, Copenhagen: Nordisk Ministerråd 37–50 (DOI: 10.6027/TN2015-533)
  • Jabour J (2015) Pharand’s Arctic Treaty: Would an Antarctic Treaty-style Model Work in the Arctic? in Lalonde, S and McDorman, T (eds) International Law and Politics of the Arctic Ocean: Essays in honor of Donat Pharand, USA: Brill, 87–107
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