We, at Polar Research and Policy Initiative, believe in bringing together the brightest and the best from diverse sectors, and representing a variety of interests and specialisations, in our pursuit of excellence in each of the areas we cover. On this page, you will find opportunities to get involved with PRPI, as and when they become available. We also welcome speculative applications.

Should you wish to join our growing team, please do get in touch with Mr Christophe Milheres at


  • Experts and Associates

We are looking for Experts and Associates to join PRPI. We have positions open at the units listed below. Please get in touch if your interests fall within the scope of our work in any of our units. Please CLICK HERE for more information about the positions and how to apply.

Theme-specific Units

  • Natural Environment
  • Maritime Environment
  • Built Environment – Please directly contact Thomas Bishop, Unit Lead of the Built Environment Unit, if you are interested in this theme. You can reach Mr Bishop via email: Please also click here for more details.
  • Indigenous People
  • Arts, Culture and Heritage

Industry-specific Units

  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Shipping
  • Fisheries
  • Tourism
  • ICT