The mission of Polar Research and Policy Initiative is to:

  • raise the profile and understanding of the Polar Regions in the UK and across the Commonwealth;
  • support polar researchers and polar research institutions in maximising the visibility, impact and reach of their research;
  • increase and sustain the scholarly, cultural, political and commercial engagement of the UK and relevant Commonwealth member states with the Polar Regions (especially the Arctic Council member states);
  • help address some of the toughest political, social, economic and environmental challenges facing polar peoples and places;
  • facilitate greater bilateral trade and investment between Arctic states and Commonwealth member states.

The initiative shall serve as the nexus between polar researchers, explorers, journalists, policymakers, governments, international organisations, NGOs, industry, indigenous peoples and other stakeholders. It shall provide research, advisory, advocacy and stakeholder engagement services; organise events and outreach activities; and host a digital information portal, The Polar Connection.