Isabel Stark

Fellow - Arctic Cultural Heritage

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Isabel Stark is a Fellow at Polar Research and Policy Initiative, focusing on all topics related to both tangible and intangible Arctic Cultural Heritage. This includes heritage sites, traditional craftsmanship, and sustainable textile production in the Arctic. Isabel grew up on an island which has led to an interest in studying island identity, with special focus on the Faroe Islands.

Isabel holds a BA in Art History from Warwick University, specialising in the work of Richard Mosse and the representation of the refugee in contemporary art. She has also completed an MA in Material and Visual Culture from UCL. Isabel has conducted fieldwork on the Faroe Islands and in Denmark. She has studied the Material and Visual Culture of the Faroe Islands, specifically exploring the National Costume.

Isabel would like to pursue a career in ethnographic curation and is looking to undertake a PhD understanding the effects of climate change on traditional craftsmanship in the Arctic. From her time on the Faroes, Isabel has become an avid knitter.