Daniela Tommasini

Expert - Tourism

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Daniela Tommasini serves as Expert within the Tourism Unit at Polar Research and Policy Initiative.

She holds a PhD in Geography, has a Master in Management of Mountain Areas, and a Degree in Political Sciences. She is Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, and Member of the Research Group on Arctic Governance. Until June 2016 she was Senior Lecturer at the Multidimensional Tourism Institute, University of Lapland.

Daniela has been conducting field research in the arctic, mainly in Greenland, since 1994, studying tourism as an adaptation strategy, part of alternative economic possibilities in local resources development. The topics of her researches are: tourism in arctic regions; socio- cultural impacts of tourism development; community resilience and adaptation to changes; community-based development in sparsely populated and peripheral areas; management, policies and planning in peripheral areas.

Active as volunteer in the non-profit sector, she is a passionate reader and gardener and enjoys travelling, skiing, and hiking.