Christophe Milheres

Contributor, Co-Founder

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Christophe Milheres has over 12 years of business experience, working for various industries and companies. He started his career in the music industry in France, before joining Adecco Mexico back in 2010, where he was first part of the Monterrey sales team and then led a branch in Mexico City.

He then moved in 2012 to London, UK, working for Hult, an international business school affiliated with Education First. He helped develop Hult’s MBA and masters programs in western Europe, until he was invited in 2017 to launch the Mexico office and grow the school presence through Latam. During his time in London, Christophe also co-founded Polar Research and Policy Initiative (PRPI), an independent, international foreign policy think-tank dedicated to Arctic, Nordic, North Atlantic, North Pacific and Antarctic affairs, and served as a co-director from its establishment in February 2016 until he left for Mexico in July 2017. 

For the past year, Christophe served as a senior expansion manager at the India-based hotel startup OYO, where he led the company’s growth in the state of Sinaloa, northern Mexico. He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and two master’s degrees, one in International Business (from France) and the other in Business Administration (from Mexico). Christophe recently joined Lalamove in March 2020, as City Manager for Mexico City, where he looks forward to growing and strengthening the company presence in the country.